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Night at The Observatory, 2016, video projection, 60 min

Collaboration with Jean-Sébastien Grill and Nic Ford.

Exhibition at PS Project Space, Amsterdam

At a time of economic progress, Vietnam sees its landscape change, cities increase their peripheries and construction sites expand. Traditions and practices merge with signs of globalization, creating hybrid forms. People quickly adapt and constantly invent. Motorcycle rivers flow into the streets of major cities and the intense pollution becomes like a drug. Noise is incessant, and images abound at all costs. By night, electronic music takes over and promises new horizons for future generations. At the Observatory in Saigon, golden youth, united in ecstasy, dance to the changing colors of sky and stars.

Frédéric Dialynas Sanchez, Jean-Sébastien Grill and Nic Ford, all have ties to Vietnam. Their collaboration, the fruit of their passion for South East Asia, is a mix of their different practices, of their interest for geometric abstract painting, graphic design and deep house music. The project takes the form of an epileptic movie in which the flag of Vietnam is constantly changing colors, following the rhythm of the sound track. In face of globalization, emerging countries are torn between their traditions and modernization and must reaffirm their identity to stake their geopolitical ground. The video proposes different alternatives for a new emblem, playing with concepts of patriotism, ideology and propaganda. The projection transforms the exhibition's space into a disco, a party celebrating Vietnam, its people, and life in general.