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Trophies of War

At the end of the war against the Americans, Vietnamese people celebrates the victory. They collect the abandoned belongings of their ennemies to make trophies. When they find the American's bulletproof jackets, they cut them up to see how these equipments are made. Inside, they discover different layers of textiles adorning a strange dot pattern. They recycle these materials to make caps and bags, by playing with the dot pattern. During many years they proudly wear these fashion accessories as if if was the skin of their defeated opponent. With time, the trend gradually disappears and today only two of these rare items are conserved in the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City.

After exploring many antic shops, I found one of these bulletproof jackets in Saigon. My turn, I recycled it to make canvases, sorts of ready-made abstract paintings. I also made some patchworks in order to produce an emblem, commemorating the Vietnamese heroes.